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Eco friendly accessories, knit and crochet. Unique, chic, playful, colorful.

One piece at the time

I've been always making stuff. But only when I moved from Italy to The Netherlands I've found the courage to make of it my profession, thanks to the incredible love and support of my beloved husband, Erik, who is the official photographer and the greatest supporter of my work.

I have sold on craft and biological mark
Selecting my ugly sweaters to transform in pretty accessories
Selecting my ugly sweaters to transform in pretty accessories
ets, to shops and exposed in galleries since 2004. In 2010 I quit the markets (I exceptionally still go to a craft fair, once in a while) and started my Etsy shops.
the rest, is history....

I live a simple, peaceful life. I love what I do, my family, cats, animals and nature in general, anything that has a soul.
We live with 3 cats, two coming from the local shelter (Link and Midna), and one (Zelda) rescue from Greece.
The money I earn with my crafts are used first and foremost to pay the family bills, secondly, I donate on a regular basis to animal shelters and small projects taking care of stray and abandoned pets.
If and when anything is left, I occasionally buy little presents, for me and my dears. Still planning to save money for holidays...

Everything in my shop is either unique, or made in very limited quantities, as I love to recycle and reclaim materials, as well as to find dead stocks of fabrics, yarns etc. I hardly buy new stuff.
I'm vegetarian for a very long time, and nowadays actually going "as vegan as possible", and this can be found in my work as well. I try hard to lighten my footprint... 

Pia Barile Accessories by:
To Work Well
Admiralengracht 84-2
1057 GC Amsterdam
the Netherlands

Phone: +31207529946
Email shop: pia@piabarile.com
Email webmaster: erik@toworkwell.nl
KvK Amsterdam nr. 34181269
BTW nr. NL085644869B01

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